Were you fired? Laid off? Ripped off of overtime? Sexually harassed? Denied the promotion you deserved? Treated differently after you took medical leave or became pregnant? Did you have the guts to complain of discrimination or fraud, only to suffer retaliation?

You have come to the right place for help.

Rob Reid is an experienced Georgia employment attorney who represents employees involving discrimination, harassment, retaliation, fraud, unpaid overtime, and disability or FMLA leave in federal and state courts in Atlanta, Gainesville, Rome, Marietta, Rome, Macon, Columbus, Albany, Augusta, Savannah and other cities. When other state rules allow, he has represented individuals in discrimination and harassment cases as far as Nevada and South Dakota.

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The right kind of EXPERIENCE

TOUGH representation

PASSIONATE about his clients

Your Employment Lawyer Should Have The Right EXPERIENCE.

For over twenty-four years, Rob has practiced Employment Law almost exclusively. Before opening his own law firm representing employees, he defended some of the largest employers in the United States for over thirteen years. Rob now uses the experience he obtained while defending corporate employers to help the little guy stand up for his or her employment rights. Rob knows this tricky area of the law and has the practical experience on both sides to back it up. He has argued and tried cases in federal and state courts in Georgia and the rest of the Country. 

Your Employment Lawyer Should Be TOUGH

When your employer gives you the axe, you don’t strike back with a pillow. You need a hard-nosed, tough-minded, and aggressive employment lawyer who will fight hard for you to regain your dignity. Flinching or backing down is not Rob’s style. He is built for a bare-knuckled fight.

While ready to fight, Rob is always vigilant for opportunities to resolve a case short of trial when it can be done on favorable terms. Some cases however, cannot, or should not, be settled. Rob embraces the opportunity to make the case for your employment rights to a judge or jury. Litigation comes naturally to Rob. Whether state or federal trial, appellate, or alternative dispute resolution forums, Rob delivers the tough and zealous advocacy your case deserves.

Your Employment Lawyer Should Be PASSIONATE

Rob only takes the cases of clients he cares about. Without that passion, how could we expect to convince a jury that you deserve to win (or your employer to write a settlement check before we take it that far). We treat our clients as if the employment actions taken against them were taken against a member of our own family.



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Rob Reid is an experienced Georgia employment lawyer based out of the Greater Atlanta area. To obtain a free case evaluation, please call Rob or complete an online Case Evaluation Form. All responses will be kept strictly confidential.


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