You have the right to be employed in a workplace free of unlawful discrimination. But not all discrimination is illegal. The discrimination or harassment must be based on your: race; color; national origin; religion; gender (including pregnancy); age; or disability. Your employer cannot use any of these traits as a factor when making important employment decisions like hiring, firing, compensation, promotions, demotions, transfers, or layoffs. Your employer is also prohibited from harassing you based on your race, national origin, religion, sex, age, or disability.  Illegal harassment consists of repeated derogatory comments, jokes or other unfavorable treatment on the basis of an individual’s protected traits.

Rob has over twenty-four years of experience in litigating employment discrimination cases in Georgia and the rest of the country. Contact Rob to speak to a Georgia employment lawyer about your specific situation.


The federal discrimination laws have very strict and short time limits. In Georgia, you must file your charge of discrimination no later than 180 days after the last act of discrimination against you. If you miss this deadline by even one day, your claim may be lost. Contact Rob before time runs out. Do not wait too long to report discrimination.


If you are a victim of workplace discrimination, we can help you in multiple ways.


  • Make it Stop  If Rob is retained early enough, he can sometimes help you complain or convince your employer to intervene on your behalf. Rob will help you through the process, and make sure your employer knows that there will be consequences if it discriminates or retaliates against you.
  • Negotiate an Exit  In many discrimination cases, our clients simply want to get out. Rob can often negotiate an exit package that preserves your reputation, your access to unemployment benefits, and your ability to get a new job.
  • Discrimination Lawsuits  If your employer is unwilling to negotiate an out-of-court resolution, Rob may have to file and EEOC Charge and eventually a lawsuit. Rob will make sure you understand all of the risks and benefits involved, and if you decide to sue, aggressively seek a recovery for the discrimination you suffered.

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