Your termination probably came as a shock. Maybe you had no warning. Or you really believed that your employer was sincere about the Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) you were working through. And now your employer shoves a bunch of papers in front of you asking you to release your rights for little or no severance pay.

Rob can help you understand your rights. If you want to sign a severance agreement, he might be able to negotiate a higher severance. Contact Rob to speak to a lawyer with experience in negotiating severance agreements in Georgia. 


Severance Review.  Rob can help you “know what you’re signing”. He will alert you to potential red flags in the contract, explain the meaning of the legalese, suggests areas for negotiation, and make sure all of your questions are answered so that you can make an informed decision before signing a severance agreement.


Severance Negotiation.  Rob can represent you during severance negotiations with your employer. If you have a potential claim for a discriminatory or retaliatory termination, Rob will help you determine whether the severance pay offered is enough to release your right to bring a lawsuit. If not, then Rob will help you negotiate a higher severance pay amount. If the severance agreement contains provisions that are not in your best interest, Rob will help you negotiate to have those provisions changed or removed. 

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